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  • Grace Helbig

I just ironed sweatpants and a Michael Jackson tshirt to wear to the DMV. Look at me now, Dad.

I’m Cosima. The real Cosima, not the one who kicked your ass or whatever. 
Video Game Meme / Seven Sceneries [2/7] → 
The Capital Wasteland

Hannah owned this I ship it. She plays the old lady character so well (x

Tell me about filming Sesame Street. Yes, my favorite question! That was amazing. That really, truly was the height of joy for me, and I’d like to do it every day because working with Muppets is just amazing. I couldn’t even see the fantastic guy who was Murray. I was just looking at Murray and I felt like I was 5. - Lena Headey  


I am Storm, and for me, there are no such things as limits.